Sep 15, 2023

Brand identity and brand design: What makes a brand?

Brand identity and brand design: What makes a brand?

If you want to build a successful brand, it's important to get your brand identity and brand design right. There are many different aspects to consider, and here we give you an overview of the most important ones.

What is brand identity? Definition:

Brand identity is the sum of the associations that a brand name or logo evokes in people's minds. These associations can be based on factors such as products and services, brand values, brand personality and brand experience.

However, in order to bring out a successful brand identity, the following points need to be considered in order to create a consistent brand presence.

Key brand identity points:

Brand Behavior

Brand behavior is a collection of actions and measures that a brand takes to reach its target audience. This includes both the content that is published and the way people interact with it. Brand behavior affects the way customers perceive your brand and can be critical to their loyalty to your company.

Brand Communication

Brand communication refers to the way a brand communicates with its audience. Brand communication includes both online and offline channels and ensures that your target audience notices you. Some of the most common methods of brand communication are social media marketing, content marketing, online advertising, direct mail and PR activities.

Brand Design

Brand design refers to all the visual elements that characterize your brand. This includes logo, color palettes, typography, images, and other features. Brand design should be consistent and applied consistently across all communication channels so that it is easily recognizable. A well-designed brand design will help you differentiate your business from the competition and build trust with your customers.

The goal of brand design is to make your brand a unique and recognizable symbol. If you do the brand design right, you will not only get more attention, but you can also influence the customers' buying decision Logo


A logo should make a strong visual statement about the brand so that it is quickly and easily recognized. There are many different types of logos - simple icons, illustrated logos, and script logos - but it's critical that your logo is sustainable and adaptable to accommodate future changes.


Design refers to the visual expression of your logo. It's important that the color palette and fonts for your logo remain consistent to convey your brand's message. Through color and typography, you can make an emotional appeal to your brand. A good design is timeless and consists of simple shapes and symbols. Sometimes less is simply more!


Packaging design is an essential part of brand design. It encompasses the way your products are presented in different distribution channels. Packaging design can be both visual and tactile, and it's important that it feels stylistically good and has a consistent feel. If your packaging design is authentic, it can positively influence customers' buying decisions.