Sep 15, 2023

What is White Label?

What is White Label?

What is white label? A definition:

White label refers to products or services offered by a company but without its branding. This means that the company does not put its name or logo on the product or service. Instead, the product or service is sold under the customer's brand.

In this article, we focus on white label products in the areas of:

  • Food
  • Food supplements
  • Drinks
  • Cosmetics

How does White Label work?

A manufacturer creates a product and then offers it without putting its name or logo on the product. The customer can then sell the product under its own brand.

As a rule, white label refers to the recipe. Especially in cosmetics, ready-made formulas have the advantage that you can launch your product very quickly and no development costs are incurred.

Because with a new cosmetic product there are first of all many feedback loops and the formulation has to undergo so-called stability tests. These usually last 6 to 9 months and guarantee a certain shelf life of the product.

In most cases, white label cosmetic formulations also already have a so-called safety assessment. This means that they have already been tested by an independent expert and can be launched directly on the market.

The advantages of White Label:  

  • White label products are already ready and only need to be bottled.
  • This saves time and costs that would otherwise be incurred for product development.
  • The quality of the products is usually high, as they come from established manufacturers.
  • White label products often have lower purchase volumes than individual formulations.

The disadvantages of white label:  

  • You have less creative freedom in product development.
  • It can be difficult to stand out from the competition when many companies offer the same product.
  • There are often strict guidelines when it comes to packaging and design.

This is how you find the right white label product for your brand:

If you're looking for white label products for your brand, you've probably noticed how difficult it is to find suitable manufacturers.

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What do I have to pay attention to with whitelabel products?

Before you decide on a whitelabel product, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does the product match my brand?
  • Is the product of high quality?
  • Can I differentiate the product from the competition?
  • Is the price-performance ratio right?
  • Does the packaging match my brand?
  • Does the design meet my expectations?
  • Can I have the product filled and packaged without any problems?
  • Is the manufacturer reliable?

If you answer yes to these questions, you've probably found a suitable whitelabel product!

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Selling white label products. Here's what you should watch out for:

White label products are especially popular in e-commerce. So the sale via your own online store or amazon.

It is important to note:

  • Who is the distributor of the goods? So responsible for content and packaging?
  • What about traceability (batch numbers)?
  • Who checks labeling requirements on packaging?
  • What quality promises may be made about the product?
  • How long do reorders take and can the manufacturer also deliver large quantities quickly if the product scales?
  • Is there a certificate of marketability for the product?

Production of your white label products. Find the right manufacturer:

First of all, before you start the long and complicated search for a contract manufacturer, check out our database of white label products. Here you will find many product ideas for your brand.

If you have already found a manufacturer, pay attention to the following points:

  • Is the manufacturer certified? For example, according to ISO, HACCP or GMP?
  • Where is the white label product manufactured?
  • What information can the manufacturer provide about the product?
  • Is there a product specification or product data sheet?

The alternative to white label: private label

Private label is often used as a synonym for white label. However, there are differences between the two.

White label products are ready-made recipes. Here you can customize at most the packaging material and the packaging design.

Private label products are completely new developments. That means here you have the possibility to have a new recipe produced according to your ideas.

Which of the two paths is right for you and your brand depends on many factors. We are happy to help you launch your next top seller.

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