Sep 15, 2023

Trend ingredient: bakuchiol from babchi plant

Trend ingredient: bakuchiol from babchi plant

Bakuchiol is a natural active ingredient extracted from the seeds of the Babchi plant. The plant has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda as a remedy for a variety of skin problems. For skin blemishes, for example, the plant extracts have a strong antibacterial property - in other words, they effectively eliminate harmful bacteria.

Bakuchiol accounts for only 1.3% of the global personal care ingredients market (estimated at $10.3 billion). A figure that is expected to grow rapidly over the next 12-24 months.

North America is the main consumer of Bakuchiol products, accounting for around 43.5% of the global market share.

Bakuchiol is part of the antioxidant skin care metatrend

The market for anti-aging ingredients is estimated at over USD 1.14 billion. By 2027, this market will reach USD 1.5 billion (CAGR of 7.5%).

Antioxidant ingredients account for the largest market share (around 34%).

While the cosmetic antioxidants market is expected to reach $158 million by 2025 (5.9% CAGR).

Bakuchiol Whitelabel Cosmetics

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