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Private label organic black beans in a can


black beans*, water *from organic farming




May contain traces of GLUTEN, SOY, SELLERY, SESAME and LUPINES


Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light. Once opened, store in the refrigerator in a non-metallic container suitable for food, cover and consume within 3 days.

Private label organic black beans in a can

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Organic black beans in a can

Organic black beans in a can are a wonderful food that can be easily integrated into the daily menu. The beans are ready to eat immediately, providing a quick way to satisfy hunger. The pleasantly mild flavor pairs perfectly with stews and Mexican dishes, providing a delicious addition to any menu.

But that's not all that canned organic black beans have to offer. The product is rich in protein and thus offers a healthy and wholesome food source. In addition, the beans come from certified organic cultivation, which allows for sustainable and environmentally conscious consumption.

For companies looking for new products, there are several options for introducing canned organic black beans. White label products offer the chance to sell the product under their own brand name and thus build their own customer base. Private label products, on the other hand, allow the product to be offered as part of the company's own range, thus increasing customer loyalty.

The unconventional benefits of canned organic black beans make it an attractive product for those looking for healthy and sustainable food options. With quick availability and pleasant mild taste, they fit perfectly into any menu and offer a versatile way to supplement the diet with healthy proteins.


Matching Upselling Products:

Products that can be used with canned organic black beans:

- Burrito filling
- Chili con carne
- Salads

Products that can be sold together with canned organic black beans:

- Canned corn
- Tomatoes in can
- Canned rice

Complementary products of Black Organic Beans in a can:

- Avocado
- guacamole
- Salsa


Best ingredients:

- Black beans: A type of legume rich in protein and fiber.
- Water: Is needed as a liquid to preserve the beans in the can and to soften them so that they are ready faster when cooked.
- From organic farming: Means that the beans have been grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, resulting in a more environmentally friendly product.

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Private label organic black beans in a can

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