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KoRo Source is a subsidiary of KoRo Drogerie.

One of the fastest growing D2C companies in Europe.



So much. So good.

Instead of mass-produced China dropshipping, you'll find a selection of lovingly curated products for your brand.



We have been working with many different manufacturers and service providers for years.

All of them are certified according to quality standards such as HACCP or GMP.

  • Why do sourcing and product development have to be so complicated?
  • Why is cooperation with manufacturers often so protracted?
  • Is there no all-in-one solution?

We have asked ourselves these and many other questions about sourcing and product development again and again in recent years.

After hundreds of product launches, both for our own brands and for other companies, we learned a lot, but were also often frustrated.

That's why we built the first true all-in-one solution for sourcing and product launches.

Our mission: to make product development, production and sourcing for private and white label products as easy, affordable and efficient as possible.  

A match made in heaven 💖

2021 we went online as "unisource". A short time later we had mail from KoRo.

When KoRo came knocking on our door, it was actually a no-brainer for us. Who better to imagine than THE sourcing startup par excellence?
Daniel Pammé, Co-Founder

In June 2022, we therefore jointly founded KoRo Source GmbH.

For you, this means:
✓ more suppliers, more products
✓ concentrated know-how of different distribution channels such as food retail, e-commerce and amazon
✓ modern quality management

Manuel Luckenbach (COO)
Daniel Pammé (CEO)

More than just sourcing

Unlike contract manufacturers, we have a holistic view of your project.

We have built several (D2C) brands and help you launch your next bestseller with our expertise, experience and digital platform.

  • Always there for you:
    Your personal contact person accompanies you from product idea to scale-up. So that you can focus on your core business.
  • Ownership mentality:
    We always think about the big picture and aim to get better with every product launch.
  • Growing together:
    We help you to scale your business in a healthy and sustainable way.


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Frequently asked questions

Why order from KoRo Source?

Because KoRo has been successfully selling products under its own brand for many years.

We know the market trends, we know how it works and what to look out for.

Try it out and send your request to: hello@korosource.com

How is the quality of the goods ensured?

Our manufacturers and suppliers are all certified according to standards such as HACCP, GMP or ISO.

So you can be sure of strict quality controls.

What happens to my recipe?

The recipe of your products is safe with us and our network.

In addition, all important product data is stored on our platform so that you can reorder at any time.

Are there minimum order quantities?

Die Mindestbestellmengen zu jedem Produkt findest du auf unserer Plattform und auf unserer Website.

Oftmals sind gewisse Bestellmengen notwendig, um die Produktionskosten auf ein lohnenswertes Niveau zu bekommen.

KoRo Source wird ab mittleren Abnahmemengen interessant; Kleinmengen (< 1.000 Einheiten/Produkt) realisieren wir nur in Ausnahmefällen.